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  3. No, only windows
  4. Hi, im intresting in purchasing the server files, and i would like to know does they work under Linux?
  5. Im using this files almost a week, so far i can tell you for sure that this filea a highly recommended, very good custom features. The support is 9/10 very very very good. So far im very happy with LTP Team. Thanks. Hope you stand longtime!
  6. Update 1.6.5 Changelog:
  7. (RU) Доброго времени. До 5 марта 2019 года скидка на файлы составляет 10 процентов. Итого, стоимость файлов 180$ Так же лаунчер в подарок! (ENG) Good time. Until March 5, 2019, the discount on files is 10 percent. Total, the cost of files is $ 180 Launcher as a gift!
  8. (RU) Уважаемые клиенты, оставляйте пожалуйста отзывы. (EN) Dear customers, please create another topics and leave feedback about our files and services.
  9. Update 1.6.1 Changelog:
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