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  1. In addition to familiar types of bets, live betting (kèo rung) is an attractive form that draws many players. The special feature of this type of bet is the extremely high payout rate. However, for many players, this type of bet is still quite new and they don't know how to participate. If that's the case, follow this guide hot soccer tips to betting on Euro live odds. Introduction to Euro Live Odds Before diving into the guide on betting on Euro live odds, we need to understand what live odds are. Unlike other types of bets that are set up in advance, with players usually betting before or at the beginning of the match, live odds are offered by the bookmaker during the match, and players place bets in real-time. Therefore, players often don't have much time to research and predict when participating. However, the chance of winning and the payout rate of live odds are quite high. Additionally, it brings a much more thrilling experience, which is why the number of participants is increasing. Simple Guide to Reading Live Odds for New Players Reading live odds is somewhat different from other types of bets. Therefore, players need to know how to read them to participate effectively. A live odds board usually contains complete information about the match, such as the match time, the names of the two teams, and the tournament. Information about the bets, such as the handicap, what type of bet it is, for each half or the entire match, is also displayed. Additionally, it shows the standard odds, deep handicap, and low handicap. The odds rate will be on the right next to the betting odds. Furthermore, live odds do not relate to the current state of the match and do not consider the current score. We only focus on the moment when the odds are offered. For example, if the match is currently 0-1 in favor of the underdog, with a handicap rate of 1.5. If the favorite team scores 2 more goals and you bet on them, you win, instead of needing to score 3 goals if you bet from the start of the match. Or when betting on over/under, if you choose over and 2 more goals are scored, you win the bet. Conversely, if you bet under, the two teams can only score 1 more goal if you want to win the prize. This applies to live bets on side bets such as corners or penalty cards as well. Simple Guide to Betting on Euro Live Odds Once you understand the basic knowledge of Euro live odds, let's explore how to participate and win the biggest prizes. Choose a bookmaker to join. Register an account or log in to your account. Select the match with live odds you want to participate in. Choose the correct odds rate you want. Select your prediction and the amount you want to bet. The bookmaker announces a successful bet placement. As you can see, betting on live odds in Euro matches is extremely simple. Players can easily participate. However, when betting, you need to confirm the correct odds, bet, and amount before pressing complete. Watch now: telegram betting tips Sharing Experience to Win Big on Euro In-Play Betting Knowing the guidelines for Euro in-play betting alone is not enough. You also need to have your own tips and experiences. Choose a Reputable Bookmaker for In-Play Betting Each bookmaker offers different odds for in-play betting. Therefore, when participating, besides ensuring that the bookmaker is reputable, you should also research the payout rates there. A special aspect of in-play betting is that the bookmaker can refuse the bet. Hence, when you engage in in-play betting, you should understand the betting rules and terms to avoid unfortunate situations. Reputable bookmakers are currently trusted and frequented by many players. They offer a variety of matches, in-play bets, high payout rates, and simple, easy-to-join betting processes. You are sure to have an excellent experience and potentially significant rewards. Choose the Right Time for In-Play Betting Not all matches or bookmakers offer in-play betting. Additionally, the timing of in-play bets can be quite unexpected. Once you decide to engage in in-play betting, you shouldn’t overthink. If you find a good bet with a high chance of winning and substantial benefits, place it immediately. Many players hesitate too long and ultimately have their in-play bets refused by the bookmaker. Furthermore, seasoned players have shared some tips for easy wins, specifically: For over/under bets, if choosing over, bet at the beginning of the first half, the start of the second half, or at the end of the second half if the score is tied or there isn’t a significant score difference. This is when the teams are still energetic and pushing hard, increasing the chances of scoring. For handicap bets, bet in the last minutes of the match. If there are no in-play bets in the first half, join immediately in the second half. If participating in the first match, monitor the match conditions beforehand, research the head-to-head history, and get predictions from experts. Choosing Matches for In-Play Betting As mentioned above, not every match offers in-play betting, and not all in-play bets are worth joining. You should engage in in-play betting for major or medium-sized matches where the teams are evenly matched. These matches often have more surprises and offer better opportunities for in-play betting. Conversely, avoid betting on low-ranked matches, matches with significant disparities, small tournaments, or matches with few spectators, even if the bookmaker offers in-play bets. Limit the Number of In-Play Bets Per Day Another tip for in-play betting is to limit your daily participation. Although this type of bet is highly attractive and offers substantial rewards, you shouldn’t join too many. Participate in only 2-3 in-play bets per day, with a maximum of 2 bets per match. This allows enough time to analyze, monitor the match, and make appropriate changes. Moreover, if it's not your lucky day, you won't incur excessive losses and can continue participating in other matches or the next day without falling into debt or bankruptcy. Above are the Euro in-play betting guidelines best betting tips app and experiences to help you win more easily from Wintips. Hopefully, our sharing will give you more confidence in betting and help you earn valuable rewards.