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Terms of use - Regulations

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Main terms of use LTP-Team
You're accepting this rules after buying any of LTP services.

1.0. It is forbidden to fumble, sell, resell assembly to 3 persons or more.
1.1. With the assembly ball, you pay an amount equal to x2 equivalent to the sum of the purchase.
1.2. Assembly purchased by Skype:
1.3. You can discuss all the details by Skype:
1.4. When buying a product (assembly), you automatically accept all the rules.
1.5. With the ballooning/reselling/selling/reselling of the assembly, you are automatically deleted from the group: "Client".
1.6. To get in group: "Client" you can pay the cost of assembly (200$)
1.7. Each assembly is written to the nickname in Skype or Name of your choice.
1.8. Update for the group: "Client" is available for 1 month, afterward you need to pay $5 each month to extend the "Client" group.
1.9. For all bugs/flaws in the assembly, the seller does not bear responsibility but undertakes to correct them in the shortest possible time.
2.0. Disrespect to the Server Developer is forbidden.
2.1. It is forbidden to use all kinds of cracks, punishment is ban licenses.
2.2. The Administration reserves the right to make any changes on the server without prior notification to the Clients.
2.3. Clients are required to comply with the requirements of this agreement.
2.4. The seller has the right at any time, without giving reasons, to stop granting access: to the server, those. server support.

The official way to contact LTP-Team is by Skype (
Total cost of gaining access to license and files is 200$
Total cost of monthly support and "Client" membership is 5$/month

Please follow the rules above. Failure to comply with them may adversely affect customer status.

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